BG Technology targets

transportation, military markets

      The design and manufacture of function-specific electronic systems and sub-assemblies, primarily for military and transportation-equipment customers, has resulted in rewarding domestic and export business for BG Technology Inc., Downsview, Ont.

     According to Amir Menn, director of engineering, the nine-year old company is the only firm based in Canada that has won two consecutive annual excellence awards from DGSC, one of the largest U.S. military supply organizations.

     BG specializes in EMI/RFI protection equipment, control boxes, cables and wire harnesses and special-purpose PC boards. It is approved to perform soldering operations to MIL-STD-2000.

     In the process of working towards ISO 9002, the company uses MIL-Q-9858, MIL-I-45208 and CAN3-Z299.3-85 standards and operates under statistical process control (SPC) procedures. Now occupying 4200 square feet of office and manufacturing space and with annual sales in $2-million range, the firm has experience with many key technologies, including fiber optics, photo-sensors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and computer networks.

     One recent project is the design and manufacture of automated testing equipment (ATE) fixtures for the high productivity checkout of automotive digital dashboards. These use a PLC for control and video coupled to machine vision gear to make sure all indicators and readouts are working correctly. 

     One of the firm's major projects was re-design and final development of a line mine clearance system for the U.S. Navy, Amir Menn says. Production of 75 systems, which use rocket- propelled, line-explosive technology, was handled by a Canadian-based prime contractor and units were used in the Gulf War.

     For the same prime contractor, BG has developed a communications-system power unit that is fitted to more than 1100 military vehicles sold to a prominent country in the Middle East. Manufactured by BG, the unit is essentially a switching power supply that is EMI/RFI protected and replaces a previous unit that could not meet the customer's specifications.  

     A major activity at BG is the design, assembly, manufacturing and testing of custom wire harnesses and EMI/RFI- protected control boxes for transportation, radio and secure-communications and electronic-warfare applications. The firm uses components and material from such prominent suppliers as Deutsch, ITT Cannon, PEI-Genesis, Raychem and 3M. 








     At the height of the Persian Gulf War, unexploded mines were a major peril for Allied ground forces and ships. A North York company played a significant, behind-the-scenes, part in making the area safe for sailors and soldiers. BG Technology played a big role in the design and implementation of the high-tech mine clearing system used by the U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere around the world.

     BG Technology designs and manufactures electrical, radio and telecommunications systems for military, industrial and commercial use. The war in the Middle East turned the spotlight on the company. Yet BG Technology had already established a first-class reputation with defense organizations and industry. Its client list includes 3M, Raychem, the Department of National Defense of Canada, the American Department of Defense, General Motors of Canada's Diesel Division and Canadian Commercial Corporation, as well as the military of Mexico and many NATO countries.

     One very special client is the American Defense General Supply Center (DGSC), which buys $900 billion worth of supplies worldwide for the U.S. military. Many BG Technology products have been designated "critical" by the DGSC. In other words, only BG Technology is qualified to supply the specified equipment. It's a crucial role for a Canadian company, and BG Technology has made it a priority to respond with on-time, top quality products. In fact, the company has never had a single item returned or rejected.

     BG Technology won the DGSC's prestigious Excellence Award, from a field of all the organizations' suppliers, worldwide. Then in 1995, BG Technology became the only Canadian company to win the award two years running - a remarkable coup for the $2 million firm.

     BG Technology thrives on the leading edge, using fibre optic technology, programmable logic controllers and photo-sensors. Now the firm is in the middle of ISO 9000 certification.

     Founder and president Amir Menn is enthusiastic about the support he receives from North York. "The (Economic Development) people are really great. They always inform me of events and opportunities for my company. The networking is really helpful."

     Councilor Mike Feldman is equally upbeat about BG Technology. "The company has established a reputation around the world. More and more, North York is becoming a base for world-class companies focused on international trade."