BG Technology Inc. began its ever growing organization in 1986, setting its specialty in serving the needs of those companies in the defense and automotive industries around the world. In less than a decade BG Technology has become the only Canadian company to win two consecutive Excellence Awards from the DGSC in 1993-94 and 1994-95.
Providing such services as consulting and manufacturing, BG Technology excels in the design and assembly of RFI and EMI protection systems, electrical control boxes, electrical cables and harnesses. As well we are approved to perform soldering in accordance with MIL- STD-2000. To ensure the highest quality standards BG Technology has been Certified under IS0-9002.
Our suppliers and customers alike can be found in Canada, the US and overseas. Our suppliers include reputable companies such as 3M, Raychem, ITT Cannon and Deutsch, to list a few. In the vast list of clients that the company services, DND of Canada, DOD of USA, 3M Canada Ltd., Canadian Commercial Corporation and the Defense General Supply Centre are a few that can be found. BG Technology was actively involved in the design and implementation of the LINE MINE CLEARANCE SYSTEM for the US Navy which has been used in the Persian Gulf War.
BG Technology employs all the latest technologies, fibre-optic, photosensors, programmable logic controllers and computer networking. This has allowed the company to establish many new contracts of which include the development of power conditioner for communication and navigation systems, and a key role in the largest contract in Canada, TCCS IRES.